Dead City - Goddamn The 21st Century

Image of Dead City - Goddamn The 21st Century


The extremely long awaited debut full length from Memphis, TN's DEAD CITY. Pre-orders will ship first of July

1. Nasty Brutish Short
2. Saint of Killers
3. Lean Leaner Leanest
4. Sasahara
5. Granite Souls
6. Sabbath Lily
7. Leveler
8. Top of the Chain
9. Earth Rim Roamer
10. Carry The Fire
11. Goddamned

listen here:

from Aversionline
"Because rather than falling back on all of the NY staples that everyone knows and loves, they're dirtying things up (in the best possible way) with more interesting and atypical influences more along the lines of what bands like Bloodlet and Cutthroat were doing "back in the day", right alongside some 1993 styled Entombed and Crowbar to add some texture and dimension. So the end result is still largely along the lines of early- to mid-90's "metalcore" (remember kids, it wasn't always a dirty word), but the fucking songwriting is far darker, more pissed, and more powerful than the vast majority of the bands out there right now reaping some serious benefits from the hype factor."